5 Ways to Raise a Successful Child - Parents Must Know

Raising a child is not easy, it is essential for every parents to understand these 5 ways they can raise a child to be highly successful in life.

You get married then you become pregnant and then you couple become a

parent. Does it that easy? No its never gonna be, its roller coaster ride of your

feeling, emotions, love and care, having a child and the journey from pregnancy

to raising a child is a challenge.

"To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today". - Barbara Johnson

Parenting need your heart and soul. You have to take more challenges and more pain than you had taken at the time of your pregnancy. It is not about 275 days process, it is a long way you have to go along with your child by developing your child into a good human being. It is a teaching and a learning procedure between the parent and a child which creates an emotional bond between them.

5 Ways to Raise Successful Child

Here are the 5 ways that every parent must know and implement for the bright future of their child:

1. Communication

The secret of a healthy and happy relationship between you and your child is communication. Communicate with your child as much as you can so that your child understand you better and it will help you also, to know the need for your child. It develop the confidence of a child in you. Communication is must to create a good relationship between you and your child, the more you talk the more you get closer to your child and vice versa.

2. Time

Parents time is the most important thing a child requires, and it is the most lacking behind in our society because of their work, socialization, tiredness etc. but the only thing a child need is your attention, children starve for your attention and to grab that attention they behave differently sometime they become boisterous, stubborn and sensitive too. Take out some dedicated time from your schedule in any condition for your child. It is a precious thing you can give apart from toys to your child.

3. Mobile Parenting

Homophobia is increasing day by days and in parents as well. Do not replace yourself with mobile or get engaged in mobile when you are with you child. Your child need you when you are with them. Child time should be a child time with no phones and tabs, then only you can justify your time to your child. Keep your mobile away from them at an early age, mobile is not a toy and not a source of distraction for your child, instead of giving mobile give yourself to your child.

4. Moral Values

Today’s parents are so busy in their work and because of absence of time they are forgetting to inculcate the importance of ethical values in our new generation, introduce them with our customs and cultures teach them some basic values so, that they can carry forward our beliefs and values to the next generation. Read some moral giving stories with them or for them, let them connect themselves to understand the concept of moral values.

5. Be a Role Model

Children are good imitators and they learn how to act by watching you. Be aware that you are constantly being watched by your little kids. Be the role model of your child and show that traits you want to see in your child, tell them the meaning of kindness, honestly, respect, tolerance etc. through your action. A child is like a clay mold it the way you want it with good qualities.

"Raising a child is an art of that can only be mastered by practicing". - Vaishali

You are the colour and you child is plain blank drawing sheet” spread the colour of your love, care and experiences. Being the parent is blessing from a god or you can say that god has given you the power to nurture the future of the universe. These are the little thing that create memories. So, enjoy being a parent with your child it is a beautiful journey which you will rejoice when you become old.

Good Luck!!