6 easiest way to handle a stubborn child

Dealing with a stubborn child is not a facile things to do as a parents you must know the basic techniques to handle these kind of kids.

Now a day’s most of the parents are facing the problem of their child stubbornness. The behavior of a stubborn child is an everyday challenge. Slowly and steady this behavior become the part of their personality. These boys and girls cannot be cajoled by people outside them- they are inwardly motivated and they do what they want to do, these are not the easiest children for the parent to deal and council.

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.- Haim Ginott

If your child is stubborn do not worry about it, worry about the thing he or she is after, analyse whether that thing good or bad for your child. Distinguish between the right and wrong is really important for you as an parent, so that you can teach your child the difference between the good and the bad. however, sometime children are so young to understand the concept of good and bad or right and wrong but your action and reaction develop that understanding in your child.

Here are few easiest ways to handle the stubbornness of your child.

1. Set rules: - to create a discipline in your child life, you need to set some rules and regulations in your home from the beginning and tell them about the consequences of breaking the rules, make your child to follow those rules. These rules clear the concept of dos and don’ts in your child mind.

2. Stop the wrong action: - do not shout or scold your child but it is important that you react if the child does anything wrong, over caring nature will not solve their problem. Do take care of your child behavior when you see the action of your child is inappropriate, do not allow them or encourage them to continue the bad action, use your facial expression to convey the message to the child that his/her behavior is not acceptable, be firm in your words and an actions

3. Tone down: - the language and tone the parent is using affect a child internally it is a time of their learning and they learn things from you while dealing with your child stubbornness keep the tone of your volume down, and don’t argue with your child, your argument leads him/her obdurate, try to make your child comfortable with words and make him understand what is wrong and right.

4. Turn the table: - use your child energy for your work and for your advantage. Tell your child that their demand or desire only full filled once they complete the task which you have given them to do and this is the best way to tell them that they only rejoice or value the things once they are worth for it.

“Stubbornness of a child is not a bad thing, but stubbornness for the right thing need to be take care of.” - Vaishali

5. Ignorance: - in some place, parents need to ignore their child obstinate. Leave them alone for some time when they show tantrum. Do not get irritate or yell at your child, it is very important for a parent to be calm and compose and maintain the peace in your home or outside. Your ignorance made them realize that this behavior won’t work here.

6. Praise their good work: - appreciate every good thing your child do, do not demoralize your child. In spite of it give your child a reward on their little achievement, praising and rewarding on a good things help your child to develop his/her activities in right way. Find out what good quality your child has and tell them about the quality they are carrying.

Our stubborn children are just sensitive, they are born with high energy and intelligence to do great in life. Of course, a lot of rests in your shoulder as an parents. So, nurture their greatness and help them to channel their stubbornness in a productive way.

Good luck!