Significance of Pre-school Education in childhood

Like every third parent, you must be thinking of what is the need of sending my child into a preschool?

Fundamentally, preschools cater to early child care and education upto 3.5- 4 year. The basic development of a child starts from a preschool. It is like a second home for your child. It’s a place where child groom itself in all aspects.

“Children are born musicians, dancers, artists, and storytellers and the opportunities for healthy development are endless. We just have to provide the canvas, the paper the paints, the materials and the welcoming environment, setting the stage for creativity learning and fun. - Gari Stein”

Preschool plays a vital role in the overall development of a child education and it is totally different from a formal education, it is more of like a play way method of learning for your child with love and care since the beginning.

Here are some point why preschool is important for your child:-

1. Motherly touch: - preschool make your child feel like home. And teacher in preschool care for your child just like a mother. It give your child a very homely environment so that child can feel safe and comfortable same as home.

2. Emotional development: - preschool develops feelings and emotions in your child towards the living things or people around them by sharing and caring method, outdoor visit and nature interaction help your child to develop emotionally.

3. Develop motor skills: - preschool prepare your child for kindergarten and formal schools and for that development of motor skill is necessary. Preschools helps in developing this skills in your child.

4. Social development: - when the child comes out from the set of people around them it is difficult for them to interact with others. Preschool help your child to develop socially by introducing them with others by makings their friends and they create the environment for them to get socialize.

5. Confidence: - preschools focus on overall development of your child it is not only about academics and activities, it also enhance your inner strength and in the end of the course of preschool, it give your child a confidence to walk alone in the path of formal education at the right age.

Nowadays preschool is an essential part of a child and its necessary for the well development of a child, a child learn so many things in preschool which he or she can’t in formal education.

Good luck!