engage your child at home in Covid-19 lock-down

In this time of COVID-19 people are dealing to fight back to defeat this pandemic and parents are working hard to deal with their child at home .

Now the whole world is suffering from covid-19, economically, socially, physically and mentally. Children are too small to understand what’s going on around the world, their world is you “The Parent” and “Their Home”, but staying at home since too long is quite boring for your little kids, and how to keep busy child at home is a biggest question for the parents.

"The only way to do our best work right now, is to work well together" - Tim Carl

So, here are the few steps help you to engage your child.

Plan activity: - find out numerous activity and make an activity chart to engage your child ask about his/her interest and include the interest in your chart. Fill the chart according to your time schedule and give a dedicated time only for your child.

Ease around:- don’t be a strict mother all the time, children are thrive in happiness and be the reason of their happiness, take out some time from your daily schedule to sing and dance with your child and go crazy.

Movie time: - children’s are very fond of movies, so create a home theater with snacks for your child, watch movie with them or tell your child to be attendant to sell you some cold drinks and popcorns, and turn this movie time into fun learning activity.

Be a listener:- one of the good quality of being a parent is you become good listener, listen to your child story take participate in it laugh aloud, and make your child feel worth telling, once you start listening to your child, the child get more comfortable with you.

Work and talk:- engage your child with you in some household activities you can teach them other things apart from studies like watering the plants, stir a lemonade, passing vegetables, bake and reading books etc. and keep talking to your child while doing this, it help your child to be self-dependent.

shopping at home: - give live experience of shopping to your child by creating shopping complex at home, show case your clothes or any other items and tell your child to do shopping make participation of other family members also and create exciting and lively market environment at home, in the end, this activity help your child to be more confident once he/she go out after this lock-down.

Create worksheets: - Apart from fun filled activity do not forget studies of your child, create or make colourful, brainstorming, puzzle worksheet for your child and engage your child to do the worksheet in a given time and it will improve the cognitive skill of your child.

Take Covid-19 lock-down as an opportunity to spend more time with your child, it is a period for you to know you child more, be more creative, more productive, more energetic and to be more responsible.