Guideline before looking for an elementary school for your child:-

Elementary school the first practical learning place for your little child and here you can find that how you can make this first learning of your child memorable by finding the best learning place for them.

That moment you heard of a news that you are going to be a parent you feel blessed and happy but with a child, comes a lots of thing and one from that is responsibility. “The child future” and you start making plans for your child you look for a good insurance, you thought of child higher education, you thought of what child would become in future, and you also thought of which school he or she will go.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” - Aristotle

But before that when the child turn into 1.5 month or a 2 year a parent should start thinking of their elementary school. Elementary school plays a vital role for the child growth and development. It really important to know what you want for your child and I am here to share few points with you which you need to keep in your mind before searching for elementary school for your child.

Here are some guidelines which help you to find best elementary school for your child:-

1. The Management: - It is really important to know who is running the school. The owner of the school itself running the school or the third party is involve in it. If the owner itself handling the school, nothing great than this. Background, education and the experience in the field of education of a director need to b keep in mind.

2. Reputation of the school. Feedback create the reputation of the school. So check or collect the feedback of the school from the Ex-parents and from the Social media like Google, School Facebook page. It will help you to take wise decision for your child.

3. Teacher. Meet the teachers in the school and let your child to interact with a teacher. The interaction between the teacher and a child the way she greet and treat your child will help you to access the school environment and the teaching staff.

4. Play Area. Play area with swings, jungle gym etc. is must for your child and it should be an essential part of a school which you are looking for. Play area help your child to grow physically. It develop flexibility, speed, balance and leadership quality in a child.

5. Ambiance. The school and the classes should be colourful. It is a basic introduction of studies for a child. Bright colours attract the child attention and bring positivity in your child. Colours leaves an impression in your child mind and make them more creative and imaginative. The classes should be airy and filled with sunlight.

6. Children to teacher ratio. It is a significant aspect for your child to be perceptible in a class. Children teacher ratio shouldn’t be more than 15:1. Teacher attention at this age is much needed. This ratio is necessary for the overall development of your child to take care off.

7. Safety and security. Again sending your child first time away from yourself whether it is for a moment or for an hours it took your soul and for this safety and security is really a matter of concern. The investment made by school in safety and care of the children by CCTV, security and housekeeping staff make your decision easier.

“Education is a fuel to reach the destination. - Vaishali

Brands doesn’t matter, do not send your little bud into this competitive world at an early age. It is a time for your child to develop themselves physically, emotionally and socially, so set them free.

These are the points will help you to take right decision at a right time.

Good luck!